The laptop requires little care from the owner. Spills are a threat to the normal operation of the device. On a desktop computer the keyboard is less sensitive, but the laptop is another matter.

The most ideal option would be to contact a specialist service centre. But this is not always possible, and often expensive. In addition, you must act quickly as possible to provide laptop to first aid. There are a few steps that will help save laptop.

Turn off and wipe

Just stop the keyboard from liquid spills, wiping her will not be enough, it may not solve the problem. It's one thing if the keyboard were a few drops, but if you spill a glass of liquid? The first thing to do is to turn off the laptop and then immediately removing the battery.

The buttons on the outside can be wiped with a damp cloth and then dry processed. To get rid of the liquid that got inside, the laptop must be turned so that the keyboard looking straight down, and gently shake it. If spilled into drops, they will fall out.


Then turn on the laptop you should not. He needs to leave for about 24 hours to completely dry. Some dry the laptop with a hair dryer and other devices, but this is not recommended, as overheating is harmful.

Analysis notebook

If the laptop was not ordinary water, and something sweet (soda, juice, tea, coffee), simple drying will not save him. The laptop will need to carefully disassemble and get out the motherboard and all devices that may be liquid. All should be washed under a small pressure of water, and wipe dry.

The next step is inspection of all parts subject to oxidation. Special attention should be paid to the motherboard, as it is a kind of brain of the laptop. The oxidized zone is washed in warm running water and dried for about two days. Then, the damaged areas need to solder. Even if you have no idea about how to do this, it is better not to start. Just take the laptop to the master.

If you have made it without the wizard, you can assemble and turn on the laptop. But if the laptop is not working, there is certainly have to take it to a service center. This will provide the all the actions that you have taken yourself to save the laptop. This will significantly reduce the repair time of the device.