1. To give to charity half the salary.
2. Never lie during the day.
3. Curtain window for a week and leaving the house only at night.
4. To see the earth from a balloon.
5. Swim in the ocean.
6. To give my friend a gift for no reason.
7. To pick up the snake.
8. Dancing with a blindfold.
9. To plant a plant and take care of him.
10. Try to catch a fish with his bare hands.
11. To draw a picture.
12. Sing your favorite song in unison with someone.
13. Journaling throughout the month.
14. To ask a stranger for help.
15. To make a pilgrimage.
16. To see the sunrise on the street, watching the city waking up.
17. To tell the story of the person with whom you speak in different languages.
18. To ride a horse.
19. Not to say "I" throughout the day.
20. To speak to an audience of more than 100 people.
21. To spend the day alone, turning off the phone and computer.
22. To read the book in one sitting.
23. To correspond with each other paper letters.
24. To hold someone on a tour of his hometown.
25. To make a snowman.
26. To ignore your own birthday.
27. To go to Africa.
28. In a starry night take a boat ride or sit on the beach.
29. Spend a day with the kids, trying to understand them.
30. A month to live in dormitories.
31. To return good for evil.
32. To feed the fish.
33. To train to hold your breath.
34. Without fear pass across the ice.
35. To learn a poem in a foreign language.
36. To give the thing made with your own hands.
37. Day to live without food and drink.
38. Freeze in a random moment and not move for 20 seconds.
39. To milk the cow.
40. To look at something in a microscope.
41. Taking pictures lying down.
42. To walk in an underground maze.
43. To work for free (for example, in the monastery).
44. Walk along the rope bridge.
45. Go to the baths.
46. To give your loved one a massage.
47. Try to write down everything that happened during the day.
48. Sculpt figurine of himself out of clay.
49. Devote your loved one a poem.
50. To participate in ceremony (e.g., tea).
51. To adopt a homeless animal.
52. Remove from the phone book all the numbers you never call.
53. Hug a tree.
54. To clap in mittens.
55. To sleep in a tent.
56. To make peace with his assailant.
57. To see the Northern lights.
58. To learn how to ride a bike.
59. To ride waves.
60. To conduct a chemical experiment.
61. To do morning exercises throughout the month.
62. To fly a kite.
63. To care for the sick.
64. Look at the top of a skyscraper.
65. Don't watch the clock day.
66. To visit the desert.
67. Make up a story.
68. Write a plan for the year and break it.
69. Learn to find in the sky at least a few of the constellations.
70. To climb the tree.
71. To drink from the spring.
72. To cook on the fire.
73. Go to the abandoned house.
74. To hear live throat singing.
75. To learn the history of native language.
76. A week not to look in the mirror.
77. Walk barefoot on sun-warmed rocks.
78. Do something good anonymously.
79. Pat the elephant.
80. Try to make a pair of shoes.
81. To take part in archaeological excavations.
82. Learn to write with both hands.
83. On foot to cross the border.
84. To dedicate a day to another person.
85. Pick up trash in the Park or forest.
86. Pour cold water.
87. Climb to the roof of his house.
88. To try to draw a map of some terrain.
89. To learn how to keep the Apple on his head.
90. Lie on the water is very salty body of water.
91. To learn the history of his family.
92. To do the repair yourself.
93. To feed the horse with it.
94. Spend the day in the reading room of the library.
95. Smile at the sun.
96. To help a stranger.
97. To visit the factory.
98. Let go of the hair.
99. To have a walk on the trail.
100. To think about God.