General recommendations pediatric specialists parents in this matter are as follows:- if the child does not speak single words, it does not matter;- if silent two years – we need to reflect and consult;- not spoke in three years – beat the alarm, run to the neurologist, search for speech pathologists, speech therapist, be sure to check your child's hearing. The formation of a sound pronunciation usually ends up to six years. That is, the child should come to school having developed a speech defect in the pronunciation of sounds. Causes of voice problems can be biological or social nature. Organic disorders result from lesions of certain parts of the brain. These children cortex is not Mature enough, there are deviations in the structure of the organs of ventilation, voice and respiratory systems. The reasons for such violations, injuries, intoxication, genetic disease. Social causes disturbed pronunciation are expressed in pedagogical neglect, stress situation, mental illness, emotional deprivation, failure occurs when communication with her mother and loved ones.A leading role for mastering the correct pronunciation of sounds played by the ear. The distinction of all native speech sounds to the hearing available for a two year old. For 3-4 years he already picks up on hearing the difference between their own incorrect pronunciation of sound and how to pronounce it adults. That's what makes the baby to pull your pronunciation to the ideal. Therefore, the child is very important to hear a competent, correct the speech of others. Such it promotes normal speech development. Parents need to try to create such conditions that the child heard the correct speech more often than defective. Also causes slurred speech-weakness of the muscles of the tongue and lips. The child may not fulfill their accurate goal-directed movements. In such cases it is necessary to engage in verbal gymnastics, to develop fine motor skills. Short sublingual frenulum or high palate can also cause a wrong pronunciation. All these problems need to be solved together with a speech therapist, defectologist, psychologist. The earlier identified the cause, the sooner you will be found out of this difficult situation. A speech delay does not allow the child to communicate with peers, degrades the emotional-mental state. Experts will help to determine the cause of underdevelopment of speech, will tell you what to look for when daily interaction with the baby.