What should parents do if the child does not speak?

Want your child to speak, interact more! In most cases, parental concerns are unfounded. However, to wait passively, hoping that he'll talk when he wants to, not worth it. If the parents want the child to speak quickly, it should be reasonable to encourage him.

Try to talk to baby in any situation. Suppose the child dressed for a walk. Describe in detail each piece of his clothing. For example: "And now shall wear the sweater. It's warm, made of wool, it is embroidered kitten." Or baby playing. Call every toy, let her features: "Here the cubes made of wood, red, green, yellow" or "It's the truck, with a big body."
It is very important to adapt sophomoric, not to distort the sound of the words. Pronounce them clearly and distinctly, because in this way the child learns correct speech.

Turn every going out into a kind of lesson. Show your baby the world around us, pay attention to his large and small objects, animate and inanimate, and most importantly, give them a detailed description. On the branch sits a bird. Tell the child what color its feathers, adding that it's small. If you went to the Playground, pay his attention to the ladder, a swing, tell us what material they are made in any color, colored, etc.
Try to keep your description as much as possible adjectives and verbs.

Reading the baby books, talk about characters, give them at least a brief description. For example: "Doctor Aybolit is a very kind, caring. The dark knight – evil, bad". Then unobtrusively encourage your child to answer the question: "Doctor Dolittle: is he good or evil?"

Most importantly, try to keep the child wanted to communicate with you, keeping the conversation going. Do not fret, if he did not immediately respond to your efforts.

When the child it is necessary to show specialists

If the baby, despite all efforts of parents, stubbornly begins to speak normally, it should respond to a pediatric neurologist and a speech therapist. Consultation of such specialists is especially necessary if the age of the baby is approaching 3 years, and he still doesn't say.

There are many methods of speech development. This expert can help you to find the best. In some cases, it will not hurt to visit a psychologist, maybe the kid just "closed".