How to withdraw bitumen from the surface of the car

The most important advice: try to remove bitumen contamination quickly, while the resin is still wet and has not penetrated into the layer of lacquer and paint, otherwise will remain yellow spots. In any case, do not try to scrape off the bitumen or cut it with a knife – so you risk even more to spoil the appearance of the car.

Before you remove the stain from the surface of the car, you must ensure the durability of the coating to the selected method, having tried it in some inconspicuous place. It is best to use a special tool from bitumen, which are sold in automotive departments of chemistry. Usually they are made in the form of aerosols and are quite effective, while not leaving marks on painted and chrome surfaces. If you want to have the car looked as good as new, it is advisable to constantly carry this spray in the trunk, as it is most effective for fresh stains. The most popular means: "a Cleaner of bitumen stains" Russian-made "Super De-Greaser (England), "Tar Remover" (Belgium).

Good help and a universal solvent for example, petrol, diesel, kerosene, mineral spirits, acetone. For optimum result the tool will have to apply repeatedly. Small tar spots to try to bring butter or margarine. After processing any of these ways the place where a stain needs to be washed a special car shampoo, how to clean and Polish.

The removal of bituminous stains on clothes and shoes

If the clothes are made from natural fabrics, you can easily clean it in the same solvents as the vehicle. For example, kerosene, acetone or white spirit. It is advisable to do is use a cotton swab to the tool does not hit on undamaged areas. Then the thing should be thoroughly washed using detergent with active oxygen granules.

Synthetic fabric under the influence of organic solvents can be dissolved together with stain, so it's best to test them on inconspicuous area. The most gentle means is the liquid BR (solvent gasoline). It can be purchased at auto shops.
Shoes made of genuine leather, is very resistant to the use of all these solvents. If your shoes are made of leather, it is better to be cautious and also first to test the product on a small area.