The garrulity of men

Man can all absolutely make woman, but on the phone they are not so talkative and don't like long conversations. Psychologists say that if the conversation lasted more than 20-30 minutes, the man just shy of his first complete, because he respects and loves his woman, but watch the chatter bothered him. On this basis, and accordingly calls will be infrequent.

Of course, we should not ignore the factor of how much is not specifically called a man. If no call about one to two weeks, then the cause is likely in the other... Naturally, the men with shy personalities, especially early in the relationship can first and make the call, so the woman should take the initiative in their hands.

It happens more that a man doesn't call because of the banal lack of money, so call you should not expect before he will get paid. Respectively, and then expect a welcome invitation for a date.

Caution men

This is perhaps the most common reason for the reluctance of men to call the ladies. From the point of view of the psychology of the stronger sex will not dare to pick up the phone due to the fact that he is not sure, is the woman in the relationship, whether it is waiting for his call.

The willingness of men

Conducted after a rough evening or night the call was not, wait a couple of days, and if the call has not been received, the woman does not stand and something to hope for and a man is unlikely to call. If the guy originally was not of serious intent, then they will not appear.

A common stereotype

The effect of the principle of female psychology "than less woman we love, the more we need it". So the strong floor is almost subjugates the woman and calls will come from her first.

How can I do?

If you liked the man, and call him still no, then do not despair and do not follow the rules of stereotypes that we were told in childhood. Pick up the phone and call first, using feminine wiles. Come up with some excuse.