Advice 1: How to make a barrier for children's beds

The barrier for the cot is designed to ensure the safety of the baby as during sleep and during wakefulness. This limiter should be easy to fall, opening up direct access to the child. There is a method of manufacturing "soft" side of the fabric and the foam.
Skirting for the crib you can do with your hands
Barrier for baby Cribs should be safe for the baby: wood coated with environmentally friendly varnish, fixing skirting hidden under the mattress slats – streamlined fabric soft to the touch and easy otstiryvaniya. With your hands is easier to make a "soft" barrier. It is more convenient for parents and for baby: attached to the rails with Velcro, protects from drafts and sunlight.

What you will need for making barrier to the crib?

Sew soft side first need to choose the fabric. It must be non-marking, non-slip, easy to wash out, to have a beautiful coloring. For the manufacture of barrier length corresponding to the perimeter of the crib, on average, it will take 5-5. 5 m of fabric with a width of 110 cm Before cutting the material need to wash, so he "got". Besides fabric cloth will need foam rubber with a thickness of 1-2 cm and locks "lightning" desired length.

How to make a barrier for a child's bed?

The pattern made by the standards, removed from the bed. On a piece of paper write down the length and height of the desired rim. Draw a rectangle of the appropriate size. Note the seam (0,8-1 cm) and the thickness of liner foam.

Further, in accordance with the drawing, made a pattern out of paper. But for those who have sewing skills and tailoring, this is optional: you can immediately start to transfer the sketch to the material. The side should be a removable fabric cover and foam liner. Soft barrier can be decorated with ribbons or lace ruffle.

The case is sewn from two rectangular layers of fabric stacked to each other face. If any ruffles, stripe of fabric or ribbon, put between the blades and manually smatyvay stitches. Further, prostrachivajut the sewing machine and take out more unnecessary thread-smart. The stitching of the cloths produced on three sides, leaving the fourth for "lightning".

When the case is ready, start the production liner from the foam. To do this, a thin felt-tip pen, draw a rectangle, reducing the size of the pattern on 1-1,5 sm from each side. Using scissors cut out the liner and produce the fitting, putting on his case. If all satisfied, begin sewing the castle "lightning". Instead, it is possible to construct a button placket or zipper.

If the skirting will be attached to the bed using Velcro, these parts in the right places and glued or sew. But there is another option of fixing a "soft" barrier: using vasicek (ribbons). If you choose it, strips of cloth it is recommended to mount the stage to perform the seams of the cover. If you do not want to make it removable, you can make a beautiful collar from cloth-covered foam rubber with stitching in the form of diamonds, squares, patterns. When using thread in a contrasting color, the product will look more stylish and elegant.

Advice 2: A side for the bed from falling - an indispensable fixture in the house

The bumpers for the bed that protects the child from falling, a good assistant parents. Therefore, you should consider two important points when they are selected - the dignity of the sides and possible disadvantages.
A side for the bed from falling - an indispensable fixture in the house

The advantages of the bumpers

The rail for children's bed is designed to prevent falling baby, thereby securing it. Most of the children spinning in a dream, and some of them were crawling and getting up during the night to then to lie down. It is clear that in such moments a toddler can fall. Moreover, the justification for such a situation is not even that the child is a great sleeper, he can sleep. It is impossible to give guarantees that someday he will start spinning and will not fall. In this case, comes in handy for the side of the bed. It is designed for a child.

Skirting is placed so that the child could climb into bed, but her middle while will be well protected. Length between the collar and the back of the bed is small, the child will not be able to fall. Therefore, even if the day the baby decides to actively play it, it won't hurt him.

Buying tips

When buying baby bed sellers may offer the option of together with side. In this case, you need to consider that in most cases it is fixed and firmly bolted on the bolts. Manufacturers can install this protection on only one side, but can make it around the perimeter. In this case, the scope of the boards only one. The same cannot be said about the instances, which are sold separately. The fact that they can be used out of your home. For example, you can take them with you on vacation and use in another house, if you have to stay there overnight. In a separate from the bed, the sides can be sold not only unilateral, which are designed for beds that are located near the wall. They can be bilateral, that is, when the bed is in the middle of the room.

This protective device is made of a metal frame which is covered with cloth. This option can be considered reliable, so, if parents offer a side, made of less durable material, should be abandoned. Such devices, though cheaper, will not be able to protect the baby. When buying you also need to make sure the manufacturers used environmentally friendly material. Often the bumpers are made from soft shock-absorbing material, it is because the kid, hitting him on the leg or handle, will not feel any pain. It is desirable that the safety barrier is easily dropped, which will provide for little direct access.
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