Before you start cleaning, assess the extent of work involved. Do not attempt all the work to accomplish in one day. But don't delay the cleaning "for tomorrow", every day finding a new excuse. Get in the habit to clean at the day, at least one drawer, one shelf in the closet. Decide in what area of your life would you like to restore order. And while cleaning the apartment, remind yourself: "I'm clearing the way for... good job/good relations and so forth."
Collect those things that cause you to have bad memories or are associated with heavy periods of your life, negatively affect your self-esteem. These can be gifts from people who, for one reason or another become unpleasant. Get rid of these things without regret. There are many ways to do this is to give things away to orphanages, shelters, homes for the elderly. You can also offer people to buy these things for a nominal fee or rent for free. This can be done on the sites, and many others. Revise books in their home library. Usually, after reading the book, we put it on the shelf and not returned. Keep only those books that you think table, and others take in the nearest regional library. If suddenly a book will want to read, it can be taken in the library at the time. The book will not gather dust on the shelves, and with the help of the library will fulfill its mission – to bring knowledge. You have the house vacant space and will be easier to breathe, because books are great dust collectors. And in a house where there are a lot of books, very often you need to do wet cleaning. Disassemble things stored in the attic, in the boxes on the balcony, in the garage. It seems that they are not visible, then there is no problem. Actually, the deposits of those unnecessary things affect life in General. Please answer honestly to the question, how many years has been these things in the attic and not useful. And give them a second life.
After General cleaning in the house and get cleaning life. Note that these two cleanups a lot in common. And how unnecessary things clutter your house with unnecessary emotions, resentments and complexes clog up your life. But the principle of cleaning here and there - about the same. You need to consistently and daily debris. To clean your life start with a notebook. We often spend precious time on useless communication 5 minute conversation about nothing with a meaningless person, a half-hour to the discussion in ICQ with those in eyes never saw, and then another couple of hours to correspondence in social networks. But in the end real life and favorite people are deprived of time and care. Prioritize communication, organize your contacts. Rewrite the notebook, review the contact list in ICQ...
Freeing up time, and don't forget time for yourself. In order to get your life in order, definitely need to focus on yourself at least half an hour a day. In that half hour have a lot to catch. First, make a list of "junk", which in life is not useful. Believe me, you certainly don't need old grudges, gossip, envy, anger, pessimism... going through the rubble of his inner world, ask yourself the question: "What do I use in this trait of character? And in this offense? And this my quality?" Find out what qualities to you in life is not useful, start working to eliminate them.
Take care of business planning itself. At work every employee is the work plan for the day, week, month, six months and a year, you should also do in relation to restoring order in your life. Take the time and make a plan of what to do first, what later. The plan must be listed and global challenges - a year, five years and for a lifetime. You need to constantly remind yourself about your goals. And not only small but also great. The plan of life should not be static - it needs to be revised to make adjustments, add items, mark completed, etc.