Earn money by sitting at home, you can use knitting or sewing. You can make to order various things. Here not to do without Internet because through it you can promote their services. How? Just sign up in popular social networks such as "Vkontakte", "Classmates", Facebook, "My world". Create a page and add friends. Keep in mind that some users may regard your application as spam and to contact support. Experts social networking can block your page for a few days. For this reason, to promote their services you must first through a friend. Ask them to write a review you have a virtual wall about how great you're doing your job, and what excellent things you knit or sew. Download albums product photos and start finding clients.


If this method does not suit you, try to do clothing sales. Wholesale purchase recently enjoyed great popularity. In the same way as in the previous method, create a page on any social network (and all), upload photo albums things, specify the price for them. Find pre-wholesaler. Most women buy things from the Ukraine and China. Contact the wholesalers and get down to business. Find the right online store, you can online Here you can find the right sites through which you order things. You also have the opportunity to read the user reviews. On the website you can order things from all over the world (Germany, China, UK, etc.). Another popular resource Here you can order clothes at very competitive prices straight from the land of the Rising Sun.

Writing articles

If you are a literate person, able to create unique quality articles, can apply for the position of copywriter. Sign up on one of the exchanges of content and will begin to search for the customer. For beginners are great projects like,, First, run the test task so that your customers convinced of your skills and paid more for the work.

Credit agent

Another way of earnings — increase in credit cards. That is, you can become a representative of the Bank and promote its services via the Internet. For each new customer you will receive from 300 to 800 rubles. A good prospect to earn good money, sitting at home with the child.