Do some tutoring. This variant of earnings is suitable for those who know foreign languages, and not necessarily just English. For the study of the exotic in Russia languages such as Chinese, Japanese, or Greek, people are willing to pay good money. And after the introduction of CSE in schools the demand for good Tutors increased significantly. If you can explain simply and clearly and are well versed in the school curriculum, it is possible to earn on tutoring is no less than working as a teacher full time in school.
Arrange computer courses at home. You can earn if well versed in computer programs, speak professionally with photoshop or can available to explain how to use office programs.
Open art courses or creative circle home. If you graduated from a music or art school, studied once the art of ikebana or was seriously interested in philosophy of Feng Shui, now is the time to think about your knowledge and try to obtain from them material benefits.
Use professional experience and knowledge that you received before going on maternity leave. If you worked as a lawyer or psychologist, you can become an on-line consultant familiar to you. Consultations via Skype are becoming increasingly popular in recent years, moreover, it is a wonderful way to constantly improve their professional level, even being in debt on maternity leave.
Find remote work via the Internet. You can earn by completing forms and conducting various online surveys. This work is not complicated, but work, as a rule, very modest. If you well-written and you have an easy and beautiful style, then try to earn by writing articles for different sites. If you draw well and possess special programmes, such as Coral or Photoshop, you can try yourself as a web designer. On the Internet many exchanges for freelancers, where after register leave your details and samples of best work. Then just have to wait for orders.
Think about what you can do with your hands. If you are well knit, make toys out of salt dough or weave beads, it's time to turn a hobby into a way of earning. Hand-made has long enjoyed great popularity in Europe. In Russia, too, enough people willing to give money for exclusive and unusual items.