Work for creative women. If you love taking pictures, place the pictures on the websites of the stock. The more beautiful photos you add, the more people will buy them. On these sites is a huge plus: photo one, and get it can an infinite number of times.You can write articles, only to buy it one. Search the Internet for banks and write articles on any topic. You can earn money on surveys. Many companies conduct surveys, participation in which will pay you money.You also have the opportunity to write poems or songs and sell them. If you get a good draw, you have the opportunity to sell their works.
Work for educated mothers. If you know of any school subject, can work as a tutor. If you are a specialist (programmer, psychologist, lawyer, etc.), podrabatyvaya consultant.For students you can write a thesis or a term paper. Customers can find both through the Internet and through relatives. You can earn a moderator on various sites. Some sites get paid for what you go on forums and support threads of conversations, mentioning the name of the website of the employer.
For those who don't want or can't work on the Internet. Leaving in the decree, you can negotiate with the boss about working remotely. Knit or sew clothes to order. Engaged in the distribution of goods, work on the telephone as a sales Manager or Manager.