Squash puree as first foods

After the baby is 4-6 months of age he was already not enough of those nutrients contained in breast milk or artificial milk formula. It was during this period pediatricians suggest to introduce solid foods first. For starters, babies should introduce vegetable puree.

Start feeding costs with single component products. In this case the ideal is a puree of zucchini. This vegetable does not cause allergies, easy to digest. It is very useful as it contains a large number of minerals, vitamins and other valuable substances. Zucchini is rich in iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium. It can be quite easy to prepare, which is sure to appeal to moms who have very little free time.

How to cook a puree of zucchini

For mashing it is better to choose medium-sized fresh vegetables. Frozen foods can also be used if the feeding occurs in winter or spring time. It is desirable to make blanks yourself, to be confident in the quality of frozen vegetables.

Zucchini wash, peel, remove pulp with seeds and thick part cut into small cubes. If they were grown in the garden without the use of chemical fertilizers, immediately after grinding, you can proceed to heat treatment. Zucchini, store-bought or the market should be soaked in cold water for 1-2 hours before cooking. This will clean them from the remnants of nitrates and other agricultural fertilizers.

In order to prepare shredded zucchini, you need to lower them in a pot and boil on slow fire for 10-15 minutes. During the heat treatment of them generates a large amount of the tissue juices, so do not initially add in a bowl a lot of water.

In order to preserve all soluble vitamins and minerals contained in the vegetable, you can cook it in the steamer. In this case, the purée will have even more nutritional value.

After heat treatment you should RUB the squash through a sieve or grind it in a blender and feed the baby the resulting puree. Not worth it to harvest it for future use as the product cannot be stored more than 1 day even in the refrigerator. Children up to 1 year each time it is better to offer freshly prepared pub.

The first time should give the baby quite a bit mashed. One teaspoon will be enough. Further, the product quantity can be gradually increased. Also you can add to mashed potatoes chopped carrots, beets, potatoes.