You will need
  • - zucchini,
  • carrots,
  • - tomatoes,
  • - onions,
  • - cabbage,
  • - cucumber,
  • - beets,
  • - greens,
  • - potatoes,
  • - vegetable oil
  • Sol
  • - milk or formula.
In order to cook a couple of mashed potatoes (stew) from squash with vegetables, take fresh or frozen zucchini. Thoroughly wash and peel. Remove the entrails and cut it into small pieces. Just don't cook a whole squash, it will be too much, and purees quickly deteriorate. Pour zucchini in a steamer and add some veggies: grated carrots, onion, tomato, cucumber, cabbage (regular, colored or broccoli), beets, greens and potatoes (pre-boil). Cook until tender (8-10 minutes). Drain the water and grind the resulting mass in a blender. If no blender, you can just RUB the finished zucchini on a grater or crush with a fork until a homogeneous mass. Add a drop of olive, vegetable or butter, and a minimal pinch of salt and a bit of breast milk or formula (optional). Mix well.
If the child is over one year and your family eat meat, then it can a bit add it to mashed potatoes. Meat should be pre-cooked, it is better to use chicken.The same vegetables can be safely put in any combination, all according to taste and desire.
Can zucchini , boil, saute or cook in the microwave (7-10 minutes), but it is preferable to use the above recipe, because it is safer for the digestive system. Especially if your child only a few months, and you only begin to lure him. In any case, a beautiful, healthy vegetable puree is a good food for your baby.