Products needed for cooking

Turkey meat has incredible tenderness and juiciness, so cooked him a pork chop is one of the most delicious dishes. However, the pork chop recipe Turkey quite easy to prepare even for a novice cook.

To prepare 5 portions will need the following ingredients: scallops of Turkey meat or 1 kg fillets, ground black pepper, butter, salt to taste, lemon juice, vegetable oil, fresh parsley.

Translated from the French "escalope" is a flat piece of meat rounded. If no ready-made scallops, you can make them yourself using Turkey breast. The meat is cut in even pieces across the grain. Recommended thickness of pieces – 1.5 cm, Preferably meat tenderizer, pre-wrapped plastic film to small pieces scattered all over the kitchen.

Cooking escalope of Turkey

Salt and pepper scallops before or after the beating. The taste you can add salt and pepper and other favorite spices, for example, sweet ground paprika. You can RUB the pieces of meat and crushed garlic.

The main mistake that novice cooks, obvalivanie escallops in breadcrumbs or flour. This dish is prepared without the use of boning. Escalope is a well-done piece of meat. Otherwise it will be not a Turkey escalope and schnitzel.

In a frying pan heat up vegetable oil. Fry the escalopes on both sides until Golden brown. So the meat was evenly cooked, reduce the heat and cook the escallops under a lid for 1-2 minutes.

If the preference for soft meat, it is not necessary to bring the escallops until cooked in a frying pan. After receiving the Golden brown of their shift on the plate. In a deep pan or skillet, pour about half a Cup of boiling water and add it to vegetable oil, which were roasted scallops, a little butter, finely chopped parsley and the juice squeezed from half a lemon.

Sauce bring to the boil and put into it the fried scallops. Stew meat should be no more than 2 minutes. In this case, the dish will turn out quite soft. Serve the escalopes to the table, garnished with fresh herbs and thin slices of lemon. A great addition to the dish – boiled potatoes or steamed vegetables.