So what can be the reason that attractive girls are single? There is a perception that beauty bitchy, flighty, Moody and fixated on its beauty. Undoubtedly, any feature may be inherent, but each has its drawbacks. If the case in nature, this would also affect the presence of friends.

Deeply and firmly entrenched stereotype that beautiful is stupid and totally uninteresting. However, nobody says, "stupid and lonely", the more you can hear — "smart and lonely. Really, if the girl is smart, beautiful, often a major choice she makes in favor of a career and personal life. This business woman is hard to find a suitable pair. As a result, men are assured that it is very demanding. But do not understand these girls too. The only problem is that men do not want to give up and do something to meet that woman. Girls, in turn, are not going to soften the requirements. No one wants to depart from his own and to change their principles, and leaves the usual misunderstanding each other.

Also one of the most common views, why beautiful girls are alone — no one to meet you. It is believed that men think if she is beautiful, she has someone there. And not familiar from the banal unwillingness to be rejected.

And perhaps it is absolutely not a beauty and not even in the character of the girls? After all, "the simpleton", which do not have such great appearance, too many lonely. Only it's not so drawn attention. In this case, the answer is one beauty must come from within.

The grounds are different, not to say that all these reasons are specific to each lonely beauty. But, you see, already any reason is enough to stay alone. Of course, this does not mean that you need to immediately and drastically change, only to finally find your soul mate. It is important to always be yourself and only try to fight your "cause".