Male and female flowers of oak

The oak is 2 types of flowers: male, containing only stamens, and the female consisting of a naked pistil. Male flowers are collected in a kind of inflorescence hanging from the branches like earrings. They are somewhat similar on the fringe of the carpet, not solid, but intermittent, with small openings. 2 or 3 female flowers sit on a special short stalks. They resemble green beans with a red top just a little bigger than a pinhead. It is from female flowers then grow acorns.

Oak flowering starts in late spring. At this time, he's just starting to bloom small yellowish-green leaves. With it comes the earrings, however, due to the same color they blend in with the foliage. In forming the shackle the flowers ripen the pollen, which then spills out and is carried by the wind. Soon the catkins wither and fall to the ground, as their biological function ends here.

Even harder to see individual female flowers. Perhaps the easiest way to notice their short bright red antennae that serve to catch wind-blown pollen. Towards autumn a tiny green flower turns into a large oval acorn. From the bottom it is surrounded by the Cup or Cupule, which after its fall is still some time left on the tree.

Fruiting oak

Falling to the ground in late autumn, the acorns overwinter under a layer of snow that protects them from frost and helps retain moisture. In the spring they germinate, giving life to young people by Dubkov. In the artificial breeding of oaks acorns sown in the spring. To save seed, acorns or buried for the winter in specially prepared pits, or stored in tightly closed baskets that are lowered to the river bottom. The fact is that acorns are very naughty and need to preserve moisture and warmth. In addition, they are one of the favorite treats for mice. Yes, and rot. So in order to grow oaks, you need to exercise considerable ingenuity.

Oaks growing in natural conditions of Central Russia, fruit not every year, but only once in 4-7 years. The fact is that the process of fruiting wood requires a great expenditure of energy. Because of large and heavy acorns need lots of nutrients. So to bear fruit annually, the tree is just not strong enough.