You will need
  • container or pot
  • - towel, strainer or colander
  • - wet towel
First, trim the roots, sort through the greens, removing the damaged part. Rinse lettuce thoroughly under running water, separating the leaves. Better to wash with cold water, up to -18 ºc.
Dry the salad, put the leaves on a towel, a colander or sieve. Excess water in storage would contribute to decay even at low temperatures.
Place the salad in a container with low sides, and, preferably, a double bottom, the upper of which has holes for water drainage. This is important if you have not had time or opportunity to let it drain on a towel. If the water glass with the leaves, you can put them in a pan. Better vertically, cut down.
Cover the container with a salad with a damp, clean towel. Cling film cover is not recommended as it will prevent air circulation, and stimulate the damage. Left open also should not be, because the lettuce will wilt faster, because the air circulation in the refrigerator significant.
Place the container (or pot) in the fridge, the desired storage temperature +is + 4oC. Toss lettuce every day, removing perishable leaves. So you can extend the shelf life to 5 days. Remember that herbs refers to the perishable products and the timing of its shelf life (after cleansing and irrigation) ranged from 18 to 24 hours at a storage temperature of +4/-2 C.
Raw lettuce storage temperature 0C, tight stacking in a box or basket. He is very sensitive to humidity: low rates (60-70%) quickly fades, when high (over 90%) molds. So optimal moderate humidity (80-90%).