From the first days of life of a child vaccination against hepatitis b and tuberculosis. Such prevention allows you to protect the body from these diseases, to prepare him for meeting with harmful microorganisms and to teach him how to confront them. Further, upon reaching a certain age, the child is introduced vaccines and other serious diseases that cause the human body great harm, can lead to disability or worse, death. To 12 years every Russian is vaccinated against many diseases, for example, up to 1 year the baby with the help of vaccines already produced a defensive reaction to polio, whooping cough and diphtheria, tetanus, measles and rubella.

What shots do baby 1.5 years

After 1.5 years, begins a new stage of immunization, so called vaccination. During revaccination fixed already obtained a protective function against certain diseases. At eighteen months of age the child should be put on drugs against polio and the so-called DTP.

DPT is a drug consisting of a non-living microbes that cause whooping cough, and purified antitoxins of tetanus and diphtheria. It can be done in conjunction with vaccination against polio. As a rule, DTP causes a short-term increase in body temperature of the child, General malaise, pain and slight swelling in the area of administration. All these symptoms usually disappear within 2 days and relieve their symptoms recommend using antipyretics and painkillers for children.

In rare cases there are severe allergic reactions, angioedema or seizures. Parents should understand that any manifestation of illness after vaccination, whether slightly elevated temperature or seizures, in any case, please show the baby a medical professional.

The procedure of revaccination

Before the injection of the vaccine, the child must be examined by a pediatrician. Necessarily occurs temperature measurements of the body around the skin, the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat. At the slightest deviation from the norm vaccination should be postponed. Children who within the previous 14 days before the booster suffered colds or any other disease, needs to explore more and immunologist, to take the analysis of blood and urine, and only then, recommend or cancel the shot.

The task of parents is to track the rules of examination of the child before vaccination. In addition, they must convey to the pediatrician about all the specifics of his health, to point out his unusual behavior, if this occurred within 2 weeks before vaccination. You must insist that the paramedics looked at the kid half an hour after vaccination. Upon returning home at the first manifestation of side effects immediately call the ambulance.