Make the decision and start to change something in your life now, to this very day. No "Monday" or "first". Now!
Take a sheet of paper and try to remove from your consciousness all the most important things in your life and what surrounds you now. Answer the following questions:

- what do you do?

- what you want to do?

- what is your goal for the next five years?

- what you need to do for this?

- what don't you like about your life now?

- what do you want to change?

what do you lack?

- what do you want to bring into your life?

you're interested in?
Seeing a visual "chart" of your life, you will understand that you need to throw out of their heads once and for all and what really need to do to make life more interesting.
Think of interesting activities. Great when they would interfere with your work, but if work is still in your life in the position of making money, you need to find an interesting hobby, but better - a few. Enroll in foreign language courses, start spiritual path and go to yoga. Dancing, climbing, sculpting or painting – do what ignites and inspires you.
Having defined, start planning each day. Often because of laziness or sluggishness we miss a lot of time and spend it in idleness or unnecessary thought. Get yourself a planner and write down all their business during the week. You will be surprised that with all the diversity, you have a lot of free time, which means make sure you have a than and to take.
For example, leave it under meeting friends and people of similar interests. At least one or two meeting a week, that must necessarily occur. Don't rely on social networks, and go for a couple of hours in the Park with a friend or in a cozy cafe with an interesting person where you will be able to share new ideas and relevant thoughts.
Be open, always and everywhere. So, don't be afraid to discover new things, change your beliefs, learn new things and skills, meet new people. Go to the social events, cultural events, presentations, meet with new interesting people. It forms an indispensable natural flow of new ideas into your life that will inspire you and provide the creative energy.
Once or twice a month organize outings for the city on bicycles, snowboards, embark on a mini journey to the nearest city, arrange a photo-runs with friends and spontaneous picnics in the yard. There are a lot of optional things that are important in life as they allow you to relax body and soul. Vivid impressions in the form of photos and fun stories is what will make the record of your amazing and exciting life.