Entertainment can be different. For some it's lying on the couch and suffer from a hopeless inability to choose the right thing. For others a way to find something to their liking. Here are ways on how to go the second way.

TOP 10 useful and interesting things on the network

1. Listen to a lecture. Someone will say that it is boring and entertainment is not much and will be right, but only partly. The Internet has many places where you can enjoy the most interesting topics in the world, able to interest the most notorious losers. Especially a lot of them on YouTube.
Many famous people believed that boredom is capable only of highly developed intellectuals.

2. Explore exotic game. The game is useful and entertaining and just interesting. For example, do you know the name of Shogi? And this is Japanese chess by the rules.

3. Geocaching adventures. Who knows this word, that do not need to tell, and who knows – it is the search of small treasures that leave other users. The exchange of experiences, descriptions of famous places, fresh air is very helpful. And online exchange of opinions, pictures, stories.

4. To engage in trolling. No, no one is calling to insult or to bring to a white heat opponents for the sake of the fact that you can. This is important to measure the intelligence of the interlocutor, to be able in any conversation to develop it in the direction you want, control the feelings and emotions of the opponent. An interesting experience, which can be multiplied by the study of good literature, theory and practice of negotiation, and full of self-improvement.

5. Online game. If you have long tired of solitaire or weak artificial intelligence in big strategies, try to compare your fighting skills with real virtual opponents. When you, for example, a mechanized robot controlled by a real person, developing the game takes an entirely different meaning.

6. Collectables. It is a hobby is familiar to many in real life. On the Internet it takes on such proportions that in one night it is impossible to estimate. From heraldry to numismatics, philately before collecting beer corks – there is everything!

7. Reading. Books are like reading a to do it in real life. And in the Internet, you can easily find websites with like minded. To exchange opinions, read reviews, write your review – it's real!

8. Music. No, not the pop, to which so many from all pages, TV, radio and every stall. On the Internet you can find a lot of rare recordings of famous bands, which in itself is pretty exciting.

9. Photo. Photography – the whole big world, where you can spend a free evening.

10. Social network – let alone without them.

To dispel boredom is not difficult

Among all the entertainment on the Internet is enough to listen to yourself, to your desires, and you will find deep down what you entail.
According to psychologists, boredom is a kind of overflow of the buffer areas in the brain responsible for memories.

And follow the main advice given yet Schopenhauer is a stupid waste of time, and clever uses.