You will need
  • Poetry, music, song.
Make a script of his congratulations. It should not be too long, so as not to bore everyone present, but should also not be too short. 10-15 minutes is enough. Choose those who will represent your class at graduation. This is usually the class monitor and his assistant. For a more harmonious perception selects a boy and girl, but that's not a rule, rather a recommendation.
Script your greetings may consist of several poems, and one. Also as a congratulations to the teachers to sing a song. It is desirable that the verses and the song was his own composition. If your class has no such talents, you can seek the assistance of poets, or in a very desperate situation, download greetings from the Internet. As for the songs, then choose the appropriate music and just "put" her poetry. To sing the song as representatives of your class and all the graduates. That song sounded really beautiful, it is advisable to hire a professional choreographer.
A separate text greetings for each teacher separately – a rather laborious task. However, to mention every subject in the curriculum and therefore the teacher is needed. But for the class teacher and the school administration can come up with a separate greeting.
At the prom, decided to give teachers small tokens and gifts. Order in the printing of the cards with the greeting text that you read. instead of drawing on the card, you can use a photo of your class – these greetings will long remain in the memory of the teachers. To give their gifts can be in the moment when you mention a person in your greeting.
Agree with the organizers of the prom about exactly when you say his congratulations. This can be done at the solemn ceremony of the handing of the certificates, and can be done during the informal part, during the entertainment program. In the second case, the scenario of congratulations may be longer.