Find a venue, agree on the menu, collect money from parents are the important part of the preparation of the prom, without which the celebration will take place. When all these issues are resolved, it is necessary to develop a scenario congratulations to ninth-graders. If the parents have event Manager, writer, or Director, of the problems with it will not arise. Otherwise, you need to write their own script, or contact the Agency on the organization of holidays. That should include the scenario of congratulations on graduation, if you write it yourself?

Agency VS parents?

The main problem with parents is the misunderstanding of the needs of young people. And if the exhaust sounds the hits of the eighties, the animator will appear in the image of Verka Serduchka or the scenario of the exhaust will consist of inspirational poetry, ninth-graders will flee at the first opportunity. Agency organization of holidays can offer you options of copyright scenarios aimed at a youth audience. Want verses? Let it be in the form of a rap or hip-hop. I wish that was made by the dancers? Choose from the studios of modern dance. Singers, entertainers, presenters — have agencies a large database, so the choice you will have. In addition, the staff of the Agency taking responsibility for your holiday. And it is in their interest to do so, to the artists arrived on time and worked their program 100%.

If you organize the program and writing the script for prom by yourself, you can face various difficulties. Where to get artists? How to conclude treaties with them (after all, you want to guarantee that the prom will not be disrupted)? How to pay? How to provide light and sound with the artists? What and in what order to include in the script? How to avoid monotony and boredom? But if you can solve these issues, it is better to organize a holiday on their own. Indeed, in this case you can spend much less money. Or for the same money to make the program more diverse than proposed by the Agency. After all, he to pay will not have to.

Congratulations to ninth-graders

Graduation grade 9 implies the presence of the class teacher and parents, which will deliver congratulatory speeches. But usually this part of the exhaust is a bit crumpled, because not every parent can feel free to speak in public. It is better to choose a modern version: the video. Due to the fact that when shooting, you can do a few takes, and the installation of cutting stuff out, and the roller mount at a certain pace, with beautiful headpieces and more, parents will not have to blush, and youth entertainment.

Graduation of the ninth class includes a commemorative gift-a greeting for each student. This gift is usually a photo album with pictures of classroom activities. But the usual albums made with templates, not personalized. The alternative is the photo album, handmade in the technique of "scrapbooking". Or photo book of the class, which will not be easy: we just need to create page layouts with photos and inscriptions, and then to give it all to the printer.

Another version of the greetings that will be remembered for a lifetime: an invitation to prom famous person, popular among the youth. You can not chase the star. Invite a leader of local rock band, award-winning athlete, a young entrepreneur well-known in your city. They should not only congratulate students with the entry into a new life, but will say a few words about how to choose the future path and become successful.