Cleansing involves getting rid of blackheads, sebum and other contaminants. After mechanical cleaning the face at home or ultrasonic cleaning in the salon of the face is much lighter, color looks healthier, the pores are reduced, skin becomes smooth and velvety. For cleaning the face of the house prepare the herbs to breathe over them during the week.

For normal skin take chamomile. For dry skin rose petals, Linden blossom, mint, Melissa. For oily skin use tarragon, sage, mother and stepmother, St. John's wort, nettle.

Heat water in a saucepan, throw appropriate grass, cover the top with a towel and asprivate the skin over the steam. For efficiency, do not remove the towel for at least 10-15 minutes. After that, go to the bathroom, where should be prepared in advance a mixture of baking soda and salt. Take a cotton swab and poskrbite face with this mixture, in conclusion can add your favorite scrub.

When a person is steamed, squeeze the black dots that are close to the surface of the skin very easily. You should only do this carefully so as not to injure the skin. When you have finished this procedure, wash with cool water. After you can wipe the face with a piece of ice or a lotion without alcohol.

Now apply on face moisturizer. After the procedure you'll immediately notice how clean was your face.

Create a shape for eyebrows

Eyebrows give the face a special expressiveness. Sometimes it is enough just to put them in order to become much more beautiful. So look at your own eyebrows: what condition are they in? If you have extra hairs and bushes under the eyebrows, visivite them with tweezers. Have you been worried about the shape of the eyebrows? Then it's time to do it. To effect surprise give the eyebrow an arched form. The greater the angle of curvature, the more expressive will the face. Thin eyebrows don't pluck in a large number, otherwise they will look poor. If you are the owner of thick eyebrows by nature, comb them so they smoothly lay and looked in the same direction. Such measures for beauty will not take much time, but can completely transform the face.


To hands well-groomed look, it is important to make beautiful manicure. For this purpose, the nails are first put in the tub with salt and lemon juice and soak them for 15 minutes. Then wipe fingers with a towel and proceed to the processing of the cuticle: you can cut it with special tweezers or just move it to the base of the nail. It is possible to use various oils that soften the taut skin. Then give the nail a beautiful shape with a nail file. Movement perform strictly in one direction. If you move a file randomly, it will only damage the structure of the nail. If you have the nails, without regret cut them whatever length. At the end Polish the nail to a Shine with a special material. If desired, you can cover the nail varnish.

Shielding hair or laminating at home

Shielding of the hair is the food nutrients the internal structure of the hair. Such a procedure hair protection from unfavorable external factors. Hair after shielding is restored and becomes shiny due to a thin and stable film around each strand. In the absence of funds in such a procedure make the lamination of hair with a more affordable means of gelatin.

You will need a packet of gelatin, hot water and hair conditioner. Pour in a container of 1 tbsp gelatin and pour 3 tbsp of warm water. For longer hair, increase the amount of ingredients three times. During the swelling of gelatin wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. If the gelatin has cooled, heat it in a water bath and add the mixture to the hair. The consistency of the mass should be as sour cream. Apply the mask on wet hair, and on top put on a plastic cap and a towel. You can warm the head with a Hairdryer for 5 minutes. After 45 minutes, rinse the gelatin with water. Beautiful result in the form of smooth and shiny hair is noticeable after the first application.