• Ice cube.

Wash, and then just wipe the face with ice, the pores constrict, and the face formed a pleasant glow. You can also make an ice cube from infusions of chamomile, to remove the inflammation and redness on the skin.

• Banana.

Not only that, eat a banana you will get a lot of benefits for the body, so you can still use the same skins banana: RUB the inner side of the skin, especially areas with fine wrinkles, wait about a minute and simply wash skin with water.

• Dry shampoo.

If you urgently need to get my head in order, and opportunities to wash it, dry shampoo comes to the rescue, but if not, then you can use normal baby powder.

• Jogging for one minute.

Thus increasing blood circulation and increasing oxygen levels in the blood, we will improve metabolism and will manifest a gentle glow.

• Mousse.

If you apply it in the morning and make a high beam, then a minute spreading hairs and just placing them by hand - we get a nice light wave.

• Massage with a dry, soft brush.

Massaging your body brush in the shower, remove dead skin cells, so starts the lymphatic drainage mechanism of excess fluid.

• Coffee natural.

By drinking organic coffee, just mix it thick with honey and makes an excellent body scrub against cellulite.

• Highlighter.

With it already for a couple of seconds lost the dark circles under his eyes and the look will be fresh.

• Peppermint essential oil.

Carry it with you and inhale its aroma as soon as you feel stress or tension.

• Tea.

Choosing tea or coffee – the choice is let him go in the direction of tea. Better yet, if it is based on herbs.

• Dried fruits.

Replace the biscuits and cakes for tea. Excess sugar leads to premature wrinkles.

• Cold water.

Washing hair with warm water, rinse them immediately with cold. After these procedures, the hair will appear nice Shine.

• Brown pencil.

If there is redness of the eyes, use black, and brown crayon as eyeliner. Black only emphasize their redness.