You will need
  • - freezer;
  • filter;
  • - ash;
  • - peat.
Boil water to get rid of temporary hardness. Call temporary bicarbonate hardness of water, when the bicarbonates decompose and form a precipitate. This picture often can be observed at home by boiling unfiltered water for some time: on the walls of the vessels formed a dense layer of scum. At the same time, the more iron in the water, the brighter the coloring.
Use the method of freezing ice. It is often used at a constant water hardness. Gradually freeze the water. When you find that it remained at about 10% of the original volume, drain the unfrozen water, and ice melt. The fact that all of salt, which add rigidity to remain in unfrozen water.
Supply of water treatment filters. In their variety can pick up the necessary and best option. For the first step is to analyze the chemical composition of the liquid. Contact SES at the place of residence, any independent certified laboratory or in a large company's water purification, well proven in the market.
To soften tap water for washing, use a special powder. Read carefully the information printed on the package, observe the consumption of washing detergent. Perfectly soften hard water shampoo and soft soap based on herbs, fruits and minerals.
It is known that water plants need soft water. In the country for this purpose often use rainwater. But you can soften it by adding wood ash or fresh peat. For this you will need a total of 3 g of ash and 10 g of peat per liter. These natural supplements will not only eliminate water hardness, but will also fertilize the soil, which is an important condition for the harmonious development of plants.