With the cabbage diet you can lose up to 7-10 kg of weight in just a week. Moreover, there is no need to follow a strict weight loss program, to eat only the cabbage. Variation cabbage diets with different duration and performance.

Cabbage soup diet – the basics

Cabbage is indispensable in a healthy diet, this vegetable is a source of vitamin C, B, R, K, various amino acids, mineral substances. In addition, this vegetable contains valuable fiber, which helps to normalize the digestive process. In the cabbage a few carbs, so losing weight on this diet happens in a short time.

For cabbage diet allowed the use of different varieties of cabbage. Their caloric content is about the same, white is low in calories (26 kcal), Beijing (12 kcal), pickled (19 kcal). Cabbage can be steamed, baked, boiled, fresh and as part of soups.

Strict cabbage soup diet is virtually is intended to include fats, therefore keeping it to no more than 7 days. This weight loss program contra-indications – diseases of the digestive system. Also, be aware that the cabbage soup diet is not balanced, so you need to pre-consult with a nutritionist.

Diet on cabbage diet

Low-carb cabbage soup diet excludes carbonated water, sugar, honey, bananas and other "forbidden" products. You can include in your daily menu, green tea, coffee, any fruits. But despite the effectiveness, this diet should not be practiced at high physical and mental stress, during lactation, pregnancy.

To lose weight seven day diet, for Breakfast it is advisable to drink plain tea or coffee with one piece of fruit. Sample menu for lunch may include a salad of different varieties of olive oil, 200 gr. boiled chicken, lean beef, fish. For dinner it is best to eat vegetable salad with cabbage, carrots, herbs, boiled egg and fruit. To complete the day to drink the kefir with 1% fat. You can also cook the cabbage soup with peppers, herbs, carrots, onions, vegetable oil and lemon juice.

Cabbage diet recommend that people wishing to lower cholesterol levels in the blood. Cabbage soup drink after a protracted illness, in the rehabilitation period. Miracle-vegetable reduces nervousness, headaches, helps to regulate kidney function, blood sugar levels. Remember to save the results from the cabbage diet to properly go, switching to a balanced diet.