You will need
  • "Minoxidil", "Finasteride", "Rogaine*", "Generale", "Reveil", "Alerana", "Koilon", clover, hops, grape, vervain or soy.
This process can last from several months to several years. If not to start the treatment at an early stage of the disease, the problematic part of the head may be bald forever. The symptoms of this disease all people can manifest itself in different ways. Sometimes the hair is actively falling out at the initial stage, and in some cases the development of androgenic alopecia can take place quite slowly. If you suspect the presence of a disease, it is necessary not to postpone the visit to a specialist dermatologist or trichologist for a consultation and appointment of appropriate treatment.
In order to establish a specific diagnosis, you must pass tests determining the following parameters: the level of thyroid hormones, the amount of sex hormones in the body in women, the immune system, and make phototrichogram (identifying the density of the hair per square inch of area of head).
Based on these analyses, the specialist will deliver an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Drugs prescribed for the treatment of hair loss, you need to apply throughout life. Medical treatment helps, but not in all cases and not quite as desirable. The result can have 2 means: "Minoxidil" and "Finasteride" for system use. It is very important that the treatment is "Finasterida" alopecia can only be men, because the tool is absolutely contraindicated for women. "Minoxidil" is great for women and men. It is sold under the trademarks: "Rogaine*", "Generale", "Reveil", "Alerana", "Kosilo" or "Minoxidil". This tool should not be used for pregnant and lactation. These drugs are temporary. During the intake of hair grows more active, but after treatment again begin falling out.
In some cases, women with androgenic alopecia recommend the use of hormonal drugs. But to treat these drugs hair loss is possible only on prescription and under his systematic control. Sometimes the treatment is carried out with the help of physiotherapy (darsonvalization or laser) at the same time passing which the hair are growing actively, but after treatment the alopecia progressing again. There is also surgical treatment of baldness consists in transplanting your own hair follicles, but it is quite expensive to afford it, not everyone can.
Some herbs are also sources of substances that have effects similar to female hormones and effectively help with alopecia in women. Such plants include clover, hops, grapes, verbena and soy. They are applied topically as prepared broths and rinsing head, in the form of infusions inside.