First of all, take the time to visit a doctor. Often rapidly deteriorating memory is a symptom of serious health problems. Common cause of bad memory - the hypothyroidism, however sometimes things are much worse, and for distraction and forgetfulness lie neurodegenerative diseases and even brain tumor. If the doctor confirms that the diseases that can affect memory, no, you should pay attention to your life: daily routine and diet.With regard to the mode of the day, it is important to provide yourself enough rest. According to scientists, the brain is fully at rest only two hours a day: from 22 to 24 hours. For this reason, try to sleep until 22 hours. People who go to bed after midnight, prone to chronic fatigue syndrome. One of the manifestations of fatigue of the brain is memory loss.Start to eat right. The ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the diet must be equal in percentage, respectively: 15/15/70. A diet based on the rejection of fat intake, as well as on strict restriction of carbohydrates, will only exacerbate the problem with memoryYu. Carbohydrates should preferably be obtained from cereals, fruits, berries and vegetables. Vegetable oils and oily fish – a source of healthy fats. Eat meat and seafood several times a week, other days have normal protein through cottage cheese, milk and eggs. Eat fewer sweets and animal fats, which in large quantities are harmful.Sure to avoid deficiency of b vitamins, vitamin C, trace elements iron and iodine, alpha lipoic acid. Enter into the diet foods that contain substances that help improve your memory: blueberries, wheat germ, greens, nuts, seeds, cheese, yeast.It is strongly recommended to find time for regular exercise. Physical activity improves blood supply to the brain.Sometimes the memory deteriorates only due to the fact that we don't actually use it. Like the muscles of the human body, the memory can be trained, it is important to do it systematically. Learn one of the existing methods of improving memory, or use the checked exercises: memorize poetry; read and retell the texts, write on a piece of paper a chain of 10-15 random words and, turning the leaf, try to reproduce it; within a few seconds, consider the image and then hiding it, make a description of the subject depicted. You can use any others that you know training.