Get used to do to solve all their problems. Do not transfer work on some questions for other people, don't try to avoid making important decisions. Truly a grown man responsible for his words and actions. He is not looking for blame and just relying on our own strength. When you treat life the same, then you will understand what it means to be a Mature person.
Be able to provide for themselves. Find a job that will bring you enough income to meet all your urgent needs. Person who takes money in debt and dependent on their parents, can not be considered adults until the end. If, despite having a permanent job, you can't fit into a personal budget, you must either increase your income or to cut costs by revising some habits. The ability to manage finances distinguishes an adult.
Learn how to control himself. The adult is distinguished by the ability to control their own emotions. This is especially true of negative feelings. The explosive nature and inability to behave in society suggests that before you is not a Mature person, and a spoiled child. Be aware of the need to manage their emotions and not let them overwhelm your mind. Then you will show yourself as a responsible adult.
Stop living in a fantasy world. Remove the rose glasses and look at reality objectively. Stop being too naïve. Do not be fooled. Adult critical of others, not all accept on faith and checks the facts before they can trust. Don't let others influence your opinion. Learn to recognize attempts at manipulation and suppression of your will. Always think what may be hidden motives in others.
Learn how to protect yourself from negativity. It is not about how to fight back everyone who hurt you, and on the correct response to negative moments in life. Do not take to heart an unfortunate thing that happens every day, and get upset over nothing. Learn how to morally dissociate itself from the onslaught of the outside world. Otherwise you face real stress. Take care of yourself.
Develop your system of principles. Please act according to your worldview, and do not betray their views. An adult has their own point of view on every issue that concerns him. Get used to think, to decide what is best for you how to do the right thing. Learn to argue their opinions. Learn to think.