Causes of cough without fever in a child

Causes of cough without fever in children is quite varied. The cough may be dry or wet.
In children infections occur acutely, with pronounced symptoms. Not fully cured the infection, whether it be tonsillitis, laryngitis or tracheitis, becomes almost asymptomatic chronic form. This form of the disease is accompanied by the current sluggish inflammation in the upper respiratory tract. The presence of infection indicates dry cough without fever, runny nose and other attributes of acute inflammation of the throat.

The most serious cause of cough without fever in a child is asthma – a disease accompanied by swelling of the mucous membranes of the bronchi, asthma and cough. Congenital asthma is manifested in children in the first years of life. The acquired form of the disease is usually autoimmune in nature.

Adenoids is a common among children 3-10 years pathology, followed by growth of the tissue nasopharyngeal tonsil. Cough adenoids has some features:

- not accompanied by fever;

- occurs most often at night;

- is paroxysmal in nature;

- does not cause complications in the respiratory system of the body.

Dry, accompanied by dyspnea, cough in a young child can be caused by a foreign body in his airway.

Cough in combination with runny nose, increased tearing, sneezing, or not accompanied by any additional symptoms, is a manifestation of Allergy. The child's body especially to actively respond to such irritants as dust, pollen, animal dander. Symptoms disappear within a few hours after the removal of the main allergen.

Oddly enough, but to provoke dry cough without fever may be a disease such as helminths. The worms penetrate into the various systems of the organism of the child through the blood, in the course of their life isolated in the environment toxins. These toxins are potent allergen and provoke symptoms such as a dry "barking" cough, weight loss, skin rashes, loss of appetite.

What if the child has cough without fever

The primary task of parents in the occurrence of cough without fever in a child is to find out what was the cause of the symptom. If it is an Allergy, it is necessary to exclude contact of the baby with the allergen. When strong symptoms of allergies will help antihistamine.

In the absence of external symptoms, cough should carefully examine the oral cavity of the child, to make sure there is no foreign object.

The exact cause of cough without fever may install only the expert, therefore, the appearance of this symptom in a child are advised to visit the pediatrician.

Regular cough of a child – a clear sign of a parasitic infection. Treatment of helminth infection received the name of deworming, it involves the administration of toxic drugs, however, do not have time to have a significant negative impact on the child's body due to a short therapeutic course.

Elimination of chronic inflammation in the upper respiratory tract contributes to the strengthening of the immune system: vitamins, immune-boosting drugs, proper rest, proper nutrition.