You will need
  • - hex;
  • - means for lubrication of the seal;
  • - napkins and rags;
  • - the soft brush;
  • - engine oil.
Before the winter window is necessary to prepare. To do this, first it needs to be washed. To wash glass, you need special detergent, which effect is quite strong, but it does not include aggressive active substances. Also, you need to use a special soft cloth or napkin. If the window has a complex contamination, do not use to remove sharp objects like knife and cleaning powders – they will scratch the glass.
Experts recommend before washing to reduce contamination and to avoid dirty stains to dust with a soft brush.
Next you need to do hardware. Before the season is changing and it certainly needs to be adjusted. That the cold air does not penetrate into the room, put the clamps sash in winter mode. The window is tighter to lie down, and cold are not afraid of you.
With regard to the care of Windows in the winter, he's nothing special from the preparatory work is no different. Do not forget to regularly clean the Windows.
Do not forget to grease the fittings with engine oil. After you apply on the details several times, open and close the blades to keep the oil distributed. Remember to lubricate the fittings you need in those days when there are severe frosts.
Pay attention to the rubber gasket. After all, it takes most of the load, retaining heat and thus securely hold the sash. As with any rubber product, the seal may eventually wear out and lose its hermetic properties. It can be cleaned in 2 ways: directly on the frame or take it off.
If you remove the gasket, place it in a bowl of warm water and wash with a soft cloth, then wipe it dry. If you wash the sealer right on the flap, use a cloth coated with detergent, then wipe dry with a napkin. After washing, apply a silicone product to use for rubber gasket.