Nails begin to grow when a balanced diet when the body receives all the necessary nutrients. Particularly strong influence on the nails dairy products such as cheese, yogurt and sour cream. As well as fruit and meat products. If you eat a variety of foods and the right not to be surprised, so fast growing of the nail plate. Receiving synthetic vitamin complexes also stimulates the growth of nails. This is especially true of rich in calcium, zinc and phosphorus. So if you have slow growing nails, you do not have enough vitamins and minerals. Check with doctor or begin drinking any vitamins, which are commercially available in pharmacies.With constant contact with water also accelerated nail growth. But sometimes they start to flake and become unhealthy. You don't need to hold hands in the water, it is better to try to accelerate growth in other ways. With regular use of mineral water in the body accumulates large amounts of calcium, which in turn accelerates the regrowth of the nail plate. Not to say that excessive consumption of soda has a positive effect on the health of the kidneys, but the nails, hair and skin start to look perfect. Several triggers nail growth iodine. If you often eat seaweed, fish or drink special preparations, the nails will start to grow in just a few days. Also iodine and strengthens them.If you are unable to determine the cause of this phenomenon, so it's inherent nature. Also nails grow faster in young people, especially young children, but throughout life, their growth slows down. To maintain the appearance of your hands right just often do manicure and care for the nail plates.