Start taking vitamins and minerals. This will speed up the growth of nails and hair and improve overall health and skin condition.
Make a bath for nails. To do this, use sea salt and hot water. To do this procedure at least two times a week.
Wipe nails with lemon juice (natural). To wipe every day, it will only strengthen the nails.
Sold and special tools that are applied to the nail plate and provide it with all necessary nutrients, which speed up their growth.
Long known that nails grow well from calcium. But to take it tablets should not possible that you have it in the body enough, and his excess leads to the formation of kidney stones.
In order to prevent drink milk, yogurt. Eat meat and fish.
Perfectly speeds up the growth of nails - iodine. Spread nails at night iodine with a cotton swab. But there is one "but", if it is completely absorbed, you'll have to paint the nails dark varnish.
The wax Polish. You can buy in the pharmacy. If they RUB with the nails, they not only accelerate its growth but will also improve the appearance. Nails will get healthy Shine, become stronger, and you'll forget about breakage.