You will need
  • - screwdriver.
Look at the monitor. If dramatically decreased the brightness of the screen (usually on one side) or the image on the monitor changes to a pink hue, the cause of the malfunction in the lamp which illuminates the image below.
Entrust the validation of the fault lamps of the backlight of the monitor to the professionals, because all the parts are rather fragile structure. You can careless movement to bring down the matrix. If I decided to check the lamp yourself, be careful. The cable connecting the lamp and the matrix, which is a high voltage (1000 volts).
Before checking the condition of the lamps, prepare the workplace: it must be free of dust. It is unacceptable penetration of dirt and dust on the matrix.
Check the connection of the ribbon cable leading to the motherboard with the monitor. Unscrew the frame of the monitor, which is attached by screws under the rubber plugs. The connection must be carried out properly.
Make sure it is the faulty lamp illumination. To do this, connect to the matrix a known-working lamp or plug the matrix into the known good module backlight.
Remove the protective film that covers the cost. Do this very carefully, preferably with a scalpel or tweezers. The matrix is a very thin plate with conductors, which when damaged are not restored.
Remove matrix, filter, and then the case with lamps which are mounted in the canister two. For the burned out lamp will be seen broad black ring near the cathode. Be careful not to break the lamp: the shards can damage filters and reflectors.
Try to remove the lamp from the canister with an easy effort. In the case of resource generation, the lamp begins to warm up. So that, in consequence of the heating of the cathodes may even melt and become attached to the matrix. The device temperature or to the presence of fused fragments of the case you can also judge the health of the bulb.