You will need
  • Dictionary, books in English audiobooks.
Reading is a basic skill when learning any language, so approach this process need to seriously. In order then not to be retrained, you must immediately begin to read correctly. In learning to read in English has several stages.
The first stage is the initial is the study of the English alphabet. The alphabet is necessary to learn transcription, otherwise there is a risk of incorrect memorization and pronunciation of letters and sounds. Letters need to learn well enough to easily pronounce them in different words and different sound. The sounds in the English language indicated by the transcription. If a word is difficult to read, no need to write the sound of Russian letters – write transcription. Although in this case, it is time to study will take longer, you will be able from the beginning to read, correctly pronouncing words.
Reading with a dictionary allows you to significantly expand vocabulary. Do not skip unfamiliar words, choosing them according to the sense, always look in the dictionary to see not only the meaning of the word, but its transcription in order to remember the pronunciation. So the vocal apparatus will work out, and facial muscles will be prepared to correct pronunciation.
Try to give reading aloud a minimum of 20-30 minutes every day to improve the pronunciation of unfamiliar words. Special attention should be paid to complex sounds, long and interdental consonants.
An invaluable service can provide audio and phonetic exercises. The best option will be adapted books that allow you to simultaneously perceive both text and sound, which is useful for storing not only the graphic appearance but also the pronunciation.
When reading you will learn well enough, you will need to devote time to the intonation and pronunciation. Should pay attention to negative and interrogative sentences. In the case of using audio media, you should try to copy the intonation and accent.
To learn to read English, need more practice. That is, you must devote time to reading every day. A good practice is to read songs in English with the subsequent understanding of the text. When the technique of reading reaches an acceptable level, you can start reading books in English. The more interesting the book, the more you can enjoy reading. Try to read books of English writers in the original – it's very interesting.