In recent years decking has become increasingly popular. Production technology of this material allows its use in various fields. Corrugated sheet is a sheet of metal in cold rolling which special rollers form ribs. This creates a profile of the sheet.

Modern corrugated sheet is practical, durable and comfortable material for construction. The main advantages of this material include its low cost, durability, strength and pleasant appearance. Relatively low weight simplifies the mounting of sheets of corrugated sheets. Even without additional maintenance material that will last 20-25 years.

The types of corrugated sheets

Sheets of corrugated Board may have different coating. The three main kinds of material:
- galvanized steel sheet;
- painted sheet;
- sheet with a polymer coating.

Strictly speaking, such division is not quite correct, because the corrugated sheet is mainly made from rolled galvanized steel and the paint or polymer coating applied to the galvanized base.

For the functional purpose of the corrugated sheet is also divided into several types:
- roofing;
- wall;
- carrying;
- corrugated sheet for fences and barriers.

Different functionality implies a different strength characteristics and appearance. To date, the corrugated sheet is used for construction of fences and different fencing. As a material for roof corrugated sheet is not particularly popular due to not high levels of sound insulation.

Besides, he easily collects the condensate, which in turn significantly reduces the service life of the material. However, considerably inferior in value to other roofing materials, decking strongly occupied a niche of budget options for the roof.

Wall profiled flooring is used for the exterior walls. This species has a presentable appearance. Carrying corrugated sheet is used for the rapid construction of non-residential premises such as stalls and hangars.

What is a corrugated sheet it is better to choose

The choice of decking depends on many factors. When deciding you should consider the climate, the wind rose, the probability of any other influences, such as mechanical, thermal, chemical and other.

Choosing between galvanized and painted sheet, in most cases, prefer the second option. The main reason for this preference is the greater protection of sheets of corrugated sheet, covered with paint, and a variety of colors.