The work on the ground involves high-calorie meals, including a loading dose of protein. Protein is necessary for intensive growth of muscle tissue. During this period, the emphasis is on strength exercises with weights, are working out all the muscle groups, which promotes their all-round growth. High calorie food may contribute to the deposition of body fat, because the body Builder might look slightly overweight. But under the fat layer hiding a strong muscular frame.

Training "on the ground"

The main principle of training to ground – the minimum number of repetitions. You need to work with weights that are already on the fifth repetition was required to make considerable effort. If you can perform ten repetitions, increase the weight. The frequency of such training should not exceed three times in a week to give the muscles the opportunity to rest and recover. Otherwise, increases the risk of overtraining and all to throw.

Duration of exercise on weight should be 4-5 weeks. Preference it is recommended to give the basic exercises involving the largest possible number of muscle groups simultaneously. For example, deadlifts or squats. Exercises on isolated groups of muscles minimize.

Food "on the ground"

High calorie diet is necessary to muscle growth. Training is very hard and require a lot of energy, so use with food need more. Because often the athlete consume 4-5 thousand calories a day. During operation the mass need to consume at least 2 g of protein per kg of body weight. The error is the immoderate eating of protein foods in which the ratio is 4-5 g per kg of body weight. So you just plant the buds, but the muscles to grow faster will not.

You need to eat enough fats, preferably vegetable fats. Carbohydrate intake should not be less than 2-3 g per kg of body weight, therefore have to lean on porridge and cereals. Preference should be given to complex carbohydrates, refuse sugars and white flour. You need to eat every 2-3 hours, including the meal before bed. Before and after training drink protein shakes.

After a period of work for weight is usually transferred to work in relief in which are actively engaged in cardio and change the principle of strength training. Increase the number of repetitions, reduce the weight of the weights. All this leads to the active work of the cardiovascular system, burn off excess fat. The diet includes a special diet with a low calorie diet, often sit on the carbohydrate-free diet. This contributes to the decrease in the percentage of the accumulated adipose tissue and exposure gained muscle relief.