You will need
  • bags for vegetables
  • - wooden boxes or wooden boards, from which you can make the boxes
  • paint
  • - balcony/cellar
If you initially planted the potatoes not to fall to eat the entire crop, but to leave it in storage until spring, and even later, pay attention to when buying potatoes for his performance. Early maturing varieties are kept high until November. Therefore, for long-term storage, choose the mid or late maturing varieties.
Digging potatoes, thoroughly clean it from the remnants of the earth and spread out to dry. Potatoes it is desirable to dry in the fresh air a single layer for several hours or even days. Then he starts to rot prematurely.
When all the potatoes lying on the dry, look for diseased, damaged, rotten, too small tubers. They should be removed, since such potatoes can not be stored. It not only will rot quickly, but also damage healthy potatoes.
To potatoes have not been exposed to a variety of fungi, tubers can be mixed with the leaves of Rowan or sage. These plants inhibit the growth of fungi.
Then it all depends on where you plan to store the potatoes. The ideal option would be to buy a place (cell) in common vegetable store. There is observed the desired temperature and humidity. Your task - just in time to bring pre-packaged potatoes.
If you live in an apartment and you have no cell in the vegetable store, then your cellar will serve as a balcony. The main thing to observe all the conditions of storage. In the autumn period at a temperature of 4-7оС just put the sacks of potatoes on the balcony. Bags on top of potatoes put a small layer of beets. And place to save money, and save the potatoes. After all, the beet absorbs excess moisture, and the potato is dry.
But for winter storage will have a little try. Make a special box with a double bottom, top and walls. And between these walls, insert a thick layer of foam for insulation. Outside boxes color paint, so that wood did not conduct moisture. Yes, not easy, but such designs will serve you in the future. With careful operation, of course.
If you have the construction of the boxes is too difficult, specialized stores buy a ready-made fit for storing vegetables.
If you have your own cellar, it is necessary to prepare for the winter. Clean up of rubbish, well ventilated, if possible disinfected, and the walls are whitewashed with lime water. The cellar should be dry, dark and low humidity. In the cellar to store potatoes is better not in bulk, in bags or boxes.