The causes of two yolks in one egg

It turns out that the formation of two yolks in one chicken egg can be provoked by illness or improper feeding and maintenance of animals and natural causes such as aging of the two cells at the same time. Together they pass through the reproductive system of the animal, surrounded by a single protein shell.

It happens that there are two yolks in one egg is because of the disease of oviduct. But two yolks in this case, it's rather a positive surprise, compared to the other possible consequences. If a chicken is sick the oviduct, it can give the shell without the yolk. Also the yolks with the growths. Can be deformed eggs, with a curved, wrinkled, twisted shell. Inside the egg is the blood etc.

Experts say that most of the eggs with two yolks lay young hens, whose age does not reach. This is especially true of highly productive breeds of laying hens.

Method of observation it was found that chickens display from eggs with two yolks is pointless. They don't hatch at all or not long live.

Commercial approach to eggs with two yolks

Interestingly, resourceful producers, convinced of the harmlessness of eggs with two yolks, and established an uninterrupted supply to the world market this type of product. Aware of the existence of such special farms and factories for the removal of eggs with two yolks in Russia, in Italy and in other countries.

If this product is worth only a few cents more expensive than conventional eggs, then in Italy eggs with two yolks are considered "premium" class. It is no secret that the Italians consume a lot of dough. Almost all national dishes can not do without the addition of eggs. Thus, the two yolk under one shell became the highest degree of comfort for practical foodies.

If we consider this phenomenon from a biological point of view, that eggs with two yolks is more error chicken organism, mutation, monstrosity. And, nevertheless, this product has gained its niche in the global market. It's not just about saving money, but in the fact that one egg is concentrated twice more nutrients and they taste absolutely identical usual.

Eggs with two yolks externally slightly different from eggs with only one yolk. They are larger in size and weight, the shell thinner, the shape is more oblong. Not so long ago that signs of eggs with two yolks are easily recognised, and embarked in egg powder. But, after their harmlessness has been proven that eggs with two yolks full included in the human diet.