When the child reaches 12-14 months parents should review the home Arsenal of toys. And it's not that any rattles now become uninteresting to him. Maybe the kid enjoys playing with them. Talking about how to extend your child the toys that will help him develop coordination, motor skills, speech, logic and other skills. Most children under the age of 1 year are already making their first steps. To develop coordination of movements and balance the child may need various toys. Up to 1.5 years preferred to purchase the wheelchair with the front office. The kid can lean on the handle located at the height of his breast, and be held in the event of a fall. The gurney should encourage a child to walk, and therefore needs to contain elements, emitting sounds or moving in the process of movement. The child will be interesting to see them pushing the gurney forward. For the physical development of the baby will also need the balls of different size and degree of jumping, the floor mats with a raised surface to prevent flat feet, slides and ladders.
Children of the second year of life beginning to imitate adults. They have awakened interest in subjects that parents use in the home and the movements that they make. For the development of domestic skills and motor skills of hands is recommended to buy toys that are similar to real household items such as cooking utensils, dolls and matching big accessories (clothes, hair brush, pacifier, etc.), toys for the sandbox (shovels, shovels, rake, watering can, sieve), baby phone, fishing rods for fishing magnetic puzzle or nets for catching fishes from the bathroom.
For the development of logic, color and three-dimensional perception of the child needs educational toys in different shapes, sizes and colors, but having common features or purpose. We are talking about all kinds of pyramids, cubes, mosaic, dolls, etc. Experts recommend to buy similar toys of different sizes and made of different material. The child, fingering the cups or the cups of plastic and wooden rings, forms a picture of the purpose of objects, their colors and volumes. Especially interesting from this point of view, a variety of toys-sorcery. They represent a kind of container or box with holes of different shapes and attached to her ear, matching the holes. The child needs to find which hole fits the liner. First, this toy may seem little complicated, so the right actions must be accompanied by words of encouragement from parents, encouraging baby to continue.
In the second year of life it is necessary to stimulate the development of speech. Basic vocabulary a child acquires through interaction with adults. At this age he is interested in various picture books and comments of parent to them, sets of pictures, figures of animals, making sounds, sound recordings, poems, songs, various nursery rhymes and finger games. Try to make sure that the child involved in your story. Ask questions about what he just heard. Accompany the reading with sounds and gestures.
Creative abilities of the child at the age of one year to develop a variety of finger paints, markers, pencils, modeling kits. These games will help adults have fun with the child and contribute to the development of the perception of colors, textures, shapes. Also, children in the second year of life interesting electronic musical instruments, rattles, whistles and toys that make noise. Typically, these items cause the child wild.