Educational toys

The child 2 years will be interesting and useful simple puzzles (or puzzles-blocks) of 2-5 elements. They should be large and with child-friendly images, for example, doll, ball, car. You can give and 3D puzzles. This is a three-dimensional image, as a rule, they offer to perform manipulation: to pick up pet food to find the mother of her baby, etc. They develop the thinking and perception of the child.

Baby bingo is a fun game. It teaches focus and memory.

Coloring and educational books will be a good gift. For two years, are well suited for water coloring. They contain large images. If you stroke it with a wet brush, the picture gains color. Children like to watch this magical transformation. Educational books with a better buy labels. Kids enjoy the process of selection of a picture and gluing.

For the creative mind

In the Junior preschool age it is very important to develop fine motor skills. For this is good modeling clay. You can give a set for this study: clay (preferably self-hardening mass for modeling) and tools (rolling pin, cookie cutters, knives, etc.). Complement the set book, which gives step by step instructions of making different figures from clay.

There are books for the little ones. They offer, for example, to put the point on the body of a ladybug or decorate the Christmas tree colored balls.

Girls can be the best gift for weaving beads. It includes a large plastic or wooden beads. This activity is well suited for plodding children.

For outdoor games

For outdoor and summer born children are ideal toys for outdoor activities. This is balls, water pistols, molds for the sandbox, inflatable pool.

On the street the child will be interested in a scooter with three or four wheels, a tricycle or a Bicycle with the office for parents, electric machine or machine-to-access.

For role-playing games

In two years the child gradually passes from the object-handling role-play. This requires a new toy.
Girls like dolls with different complementary items: clothes, doctor set, kitchen utensils for cooking and fruits-vegetables, stroller, crib, house, etc.

Boys can give a set of toy soldiers and dice, of which he will build a fortress. Catchy and simple cars, cars on the remote control, the robots and the characters of favorite cartoons will also attract attention from younger men.

Girls and boys will love this wind-up train with rails. He must have a place for passengers and cargo. Otherwise, this toy will soon become bored. You can find interesting sets among designers Lego Duplo or "Scarce".

This is the main, but not the full list of toys that will appeal to a two year old. Focus on the interests of the baby, and then you will definitely find the best gift for him.