How to heal a navel piercing?

This question quite difficult to answer. Because the answer for each individual: someone will take a couple of weeks, and someone a couple of months. The average healing navel piercing takes place in about 2-3 months. Provided, however, that the earring was made of medical alloy and piercings are properly cared for.

The rules of care for navel piercing

Many believe that the procedure of navel piercing is safe and painless. But that it is only in the case when she was doing the good master. Do not own pierce belly button. It is better to contact the salon, where the master is obliged to provide a special solution for the treatment of a puncture in the future.

A couple of weeks after puncture, the wound should appear in the crust. If it is not, and from the wound began discharge or blood began to ooze, you need to consult a doctor.

To speed healing, you must follow these rules:

- treat the wound with a solution which made the master, at least two times a day;
- the allocation ichor additionally treat the wound with hydrogen peroxide;
- to soften the skin, treat lavender oil;
- rinse the wound with salt solution;
- do not touch the puncture with dirty hands;
- minimize the wetting of the wound;
- do not remove do not twist the piercing during healing.

Do not think that immediately after the puncture site of the piercing will look attractive. Within a few weeks the skin around the puncture will occur and redness. In some cases, the possible occurrence of skin irritation.

The consequences of navel piercing

Often one of the consequences of navel piercing is the hit in a wound infection. To be not only the fault of the master, but if not properly maintained. Subsequently, you may need even surgery.

In a subsequent pregnancy is possible stretching of the puncture, the change of its shape, the appearance of stretch marks in its place. This can try to avoid through the use of moisturizers. In the later stages of the shackle will have to replace the fishing line or Teflon rod.

Which earring to choose for navel piercing?

From the material from which made the earring for my belly button, it depends on the speed of healing of the puncture.
1. Earrings Teflon or fluoroplastics. These earrings are quite elastic, hypoallergenic, does not oxidize and does not damage the skin.

2. Silver earrings. Experts do not recommend them for constant wear – silver tends to oxidize.

3. Gold jewelry. May seem completely harmless, but only in the case when the sample exceeds 585. Low test can cause irritation and allergies.

4. Surgical steel or medical grade. It is recommended unscrupulous webmasters. Poor-quality surgical steel is able to oxidize and secrete into the blood of harmful substances. Often such jewelry cause skin pigmentation.