Nice for the soldier will be the greeting in verse. You can order a unique greeting that will be written to a specific person. Favorite soldiers will appreciate such a surprise.
Separate line item are the soldiers ' toasts and farewell, which is on the Internet you can find many. A solemn farewell from the older generation topical on the day the wires in the army.
The oath — the event is important and exciting. From this day the boy becomes the defender of the Motherland, safeguarding of security and order. Greetings which are associated with the taking of the oath, solemn and admirable mothers and the pride of fathers. Here are relevant verses or a pre-written speech.
Interesting greetings, Dembele will be the poems of his colleagues, as the army guys are fond of writing verses about a soldier's life and love. In day of dismissal the guys that during the service I became friends, leave your comments and ' in dembelsky albums to each other, hoping to meet in civilian life.
The demobilization long – awaited moment for any soldier. Congratulations on the return of the army represent a laudable speech, but the joy and pride in soldier feel almost all family and friends, because military service is not only a duty, but a real man's feat.
You can organize an unusual meeting: to gather family and friends, welcome to draw posters, to come up with fun chants about the joy of meeting, to take photos or make movies and subsequently to mount interesting memorable film.