In army style

Order your gift army badge. It can be engraved with the official information: initials of receiver, part number, where it was used, blood group and date of birth. Possible a freer and more humorous options: inscription "my winner", "hero of my heart" or a superhero icon.

Apply for for men discharge album. If the guy served recently, he probably has a selection of photos from the service in electronic form. Today is optional to arrange the pages manually – there are ready-made albums and pages. If there is no creative impulse, and time, you can order the album from the professionals.

You can select (or order) t-shirt with an army theme or a logo. Original gift will be Slippers in the shape of a tank or bath cap in budenovka.

For connoisseurs of elite alcohol purchase a bottle of good cognac in the form of a machine gun or grenades. Alternatively, pick a stylish flask.

Gift Hobbies

Most men will appreciate them presented the ultra-modern gadget. The latest mobile phone or tablet will be the best gift to your defender.

Business man will not abandon a good set of screwdrivers, a tool box or a new drill. If you do not know about these things – buy a gift certificate to a store with a good selection of tools and accessories for repair.

Motorists can please new seat covers or floor mats in the car. Radar detector, Navigator, car compressor will be a practical and welcome gift.

Lovers of Hiking will definitely come in handy new flashlight, thermos or travel mug. Appreciate avid travelers and pocket folding knife from a good steel and with many extras.

Businessman choose fashion gift leather wallet or business card holders, luxury pen. The gift much more expensive – branded watch.

Don't be afraid to find out from men what gift he wants. You can hint or you can ask them directly. Unlike women men don't appreciate surprises, and gifts, which fully comply with their wishes.

Give the impression

Of the intangible gifts are the most simple in execution, but always welcome, a romantic dinner or a private dance. If it allows a degree of intimacy.

Another option: tickets to the cinema, football or hockey games, walk around town on a vintage car – it all depends on preference and Hobbies of your men.

If you are low on money, and the man is ready for a risky adventure, give it to the men's celebration parachute jump, a flight in an aeroplane or air helicopter ride.