Farm for killing iron Golems

Many seasoned "microptera" certainly aware of the existence of the game a character like the iron Golem. This mob good health (as much as fifty hearts) and very tall (almost three blocks) is designed to protect NPC villagers from various dangers. Relative to the player this creature is neutral (at least until the gamer won't harm "the peasants").

When it falls to killing seven iron ingots. Because a lot of experienced gamers found the benefits of presence in the game iron Golems are constantly getting their iron.Some mining of such a resource comes to several thousand units per hour. In order to carry out such, they usually construct a special bioreactor, the so - called farm iron.

The special design of such a multi-tiered structure, where there is not supporting any function of the gallery door, plus the presence in a limited space couple of villagers make iron Golemo powerful instinct of reproduction. Meanwhile, the limited space where there are "peasants", prevents the aforementioned mobs there. Because they spawn outside, in a specially constructed player in the building adjacent to the previous one, where they can expect a trap in the form of a stream of water, carrying them straight into the lava to die.

A similar structure - a rather ambitious enterprise, requiring a considerable number of different materials. First of all, this colorful wool blocks, wooden doors, glass, water and lava (they are recruited from sources buckets), sticky piston and Redstone. However, since variants of construction of the farm there are many iron, the particular set of resources will depend on the chosen method of its construction.

One of the variants of the device farm iron

You can stay on this design. To start at a height of about eight blocks above the ground platform is built of colored wool (e.g. yellow) 20 by 20 blocks. Above it through the walls in three the cube of height (not more, otherwise the Golem will begin spaunit'sâ right there). Inside the corners are the squares at the two by two block, but not directly on the ground, and a little above it, like air.

The walls of this structure was filled with water (so that the center square is left it is not busy). Then the red squares are broken, and in their place must also pour the liquid to it was dripping there as if from some invisible cubes. Further, the corners of buildings you need to raise a couple of blocks up better than the red hair. From these columns is done in all directions, the superstructure of the same height, but so that every six squares were marked with their color, for example blue and red. However, it is important that the corner columns belonged solely of a group of blue bars.

The latter need to break down and in their place to establish an appropriate number of hardwood doors (it will be an imitation of the NPC village). From the inside around the perimeter of the installed flares, so as not spaniels monsters. Further around the doors and red blocks that are between them, the inner surface and on the same level need to build a "ring" of yellow fur. After from the same material completely rebuilt the site (it will be slightly smaller than the bottom).

Over each door is installed by two wool block and builds a wall around the perimeter of the top of the rectangle. Then repeat the same steps with water and torches that were carried out against the bottom of the room.

On one of the short sides thereof, at a level six wall blocks red wool, the outside is arranged in the area six to five from the same material. They also made walls two blocks high, and then the corners filled with water. There start two village resident (it is better to do, give them a glass vertical corridor into which to pour the liquid, they will rise for this water column). On top of all served by the glass blocks.

Place spawn Golems and trap for their killing

Next you need to climb to seven dozen blocks up on the basic design and make it same structure that is present at the bottom (with the exception of a platform for villagers). However, it is not occupied by the water of the Central squares of the floor - they get a width of two to two - have to break down.

Through these holes need to go down three block and make it a glass tunnel (the ceiling of which is half wool top structures). To do this, first, a double track forty-four blocks long, along the wall at three in Cuba. This tunnel was filled with water, and at equal intervals (about five or six blocks) for waterproofing up against the glass walls are wooden plaques. At the edge of the hallway they have to cut off the flow of water.

In the above - mentioned tunnel- about the fifteenth of his unit at the height of three blocks (to the player the damage is not applied, but the Golem - Yes) across the top of the lava flow, framing it with a rows of plates (plus one above the lava). At the end of the corridor is built (of any wool) platform for issuing iron. It is a deepening with small steps - it is filled with water completely. On the edge of this makeshift pit should be set a stone pressure plate.

On the opposite side in the wall of this design is done the opening in one block and there set a sticky piston so that it when the movement has entered the hole. It remains only to connect the piston with a pressure plate with a trail of Redstone dust.