You will need
  • The Book Ostrovsky "The Storm"
The action of the play takes place in a fictional Russian town of Kalinov, located on the Volga river and populated predominantly by merchants and burghers.
The Central characters of the play, Kalinowski representatives of the two families. The head of the first family – overbearing and hypocritical prude, the wild boar terrorizes daughter Barbara, son Tikhon and his wife Catherine. The head of the second family – the same bossy and rude tyrant Wild "holds in his hand," all their relatives, including come to his nephew Boris. Wild and wild boar - the representatives of the old generation that demands respect from the young, but the basis of their life are hypocrisy and malice.
Barbara and Tikhon obey his mother, knowing her difficult character, so quiet, Boris is a slave of his uncle in the hope that he will leave his portion of the inheritance. However naive and pure Katherine refuses to pretend and to dissemble, it is the brewing rebellion against the dictates of his mother and the irresponsibility of her husband. Barbara teaches her to pretend to live happily, but Caterina, as a whole nature, not capable of hypocrisy and pretense.
Tikhon goes for the house, and Kabanicha publicly humiliates her. Husband not standing up for fear of mother's anger. It becomes the "last straw", after which Katherine decides to revolt.
Barbara secretly from the mother meets with a local guy Curley. Noticing that Katherine like Boris, she arranges for their secret meeting. Katherine realizes that she loves Boris, and not resisting your feelings. For her, their meeting is a breath of fresh air, the freedom of which she had dreamed in the house of Kabanikha.
Meanwhile, in the house returns Tikhon. Katherine is tormented by remorse and the inability to live with the husband further. As Barbara advised her to keep quiet, she is unable to hide the truth. During the storm of despair Catherine reaches such a force that it is for all the people recognized her mother in law and her husband in his sin.
After the recognition of the life of Catherine becomes unbearable: mother-in-law rebuked her husband, but sorry, beating at his mother's behest. Besides from home due to his mother's reproaches Curley elopes with the daughter of a barbarian. The culprit of the scandal, Boris, his uncle sends Wild in Siberia. Katerina secretly meets with Boris and asks to take her with him, but indecisive and weak Boris denies it. Realizing that she had nowhere to go, Katherine throws herself into the Volga and dies. Tikhon, upon learning of the death of his wife, the first time rebels against the mother, but too late.
The characters in the play, representatives of two families divided Kalinowski life on the "dark" and "light". Wild and wild boar prefer hypocrisy, brutality, obsequiousness and hypocrisy, and such characters as Tikhon, Varvara, Boris because of his own weakness, cowardice and indecision not find the strength to resist and become unwitting accomplices and complicit. Only Katherine because of its honest and solid character able to shake is built on the false little world, no wonder a critic of N. DOB called it "a ray of light in the darkness". The forces are unequal, and Katerina dies, because there alone. However, her revolt does not remain fruitless and gives hope for further change, for example, her husband Tikhon.