Strokes occur in different ways. Therefore, when diagnosing determined by what two types of developing pathological process. The clot can block blood flow, and then the cells drained area of the brain begin to die. This type of ischemic stroke is similar to myocardial infarction. The clot may form in a cerebral vessel due to atherosclerosis, and can be transported from any region of the circulatory system.
If due to excessive blood pressure one of the vessels ruptured and is bleeding into the brain or its membranes, is a hemorrhagic type of stroke. In this embodiment, the cells of brain tissue also killed. Men hemorrhagic stroke often strikes because of hypertensive crises, women – due to rupture of a brain aneurysm.
There are some hidden, asymptomatic risk factors that you cannot change and about which people may not even know – the same aneurysm, for example. But most of the causes of strokes are generated by lifestyles, bad habits, neglect their own health, neglected diseases.
First of all it hypertension. People with blood pressure above 140/90 put themselves at risk of stroke five times more than their peers with blood pressure near normal. Especially dangerous hypertensive crises – high pressure surges, above 180-200/100-110.
Very worsens the condition of blood vessels Smoking. After all, every cigarette causes spasms of blood vessels and their narrowing. Especially harmful to drink coffee while Smoking. The body is disoriented, he doesn't know what to do with vessels: caffeine every SIP of drink is expanding, and nicotine with each puff again narrows them. Smokers have twice the risk of ischemic stroke.
The brain to provoke a catastrophe can serious heart disease. These are his defects, such as atrial fibrillation, diseased or replaced valves, and blockage of blood vessels of the heart, frequent attacks, and congestive heart failure.
Excess weight is fraught with atherosclerosis and diabetes. And these ailments close to a stroke, because the high level of "bad" cholesterol are often formed plaques and thrombi. The risk of ischemic stroke in diabetics and people with obesity, three times more than their peers with optimal weight and blood sugar levels.
Of course, could be influenced by genetic predisposition. If close relatives have had a stroke or hemiparesis (mild, transient form of brain ischemia with partial paralysis of the limbs), their likelihood increases in the offspring. But there is no inevitability of destiny, as a healthy lifestyle often takes precedence over a bad heredity.
It is impossible not to take into account also age and sex factors. Alas, than people older iznesenie they have the vessels and the higher the probability of strokes. They affect men more than women. But men are more likely to recover them, and women are more likely to die. Since women live longer, strokes overtake them into deeper old age, when the body has no powers to deal with severe illnesses.