The wall is the background for the interior that sets the main mood. To choose the color of Wallpaper for the kitchen, consider several important characteristics: illumination, size – size of rooms and height of ceilings – the design style. For example, if the kitchen is not enough natural light, refrain from the cold and dark colours: "warm up" and "lighten up" the room to help beige, yellow, orange or light brown color. In the opposite case, when bright sunlight floods the kitchen, you need to avoid saturated colors. So, nice and warm yellow in this light can become annoying screaming shade of orange.
The color of the Wallpaper can visually correct the size of the kitchen according to the basic rules of interior design. Dark colors is known to reduce the space, do not use them for close quarters. Psychologists are advised to avoid flashy colors in small kitchens, they can become annoying. Spacious premises okleivat wall Wallpaper cool colors, otherwise the kitchen can become a faceless and deserted.
Choosing the color of the Wallpaper in the kitchen, remember the perception of different shades of man and their impact on the psyche. Like how could you not love red, bright red wall only the first time will seem original, fresh and extravagant, but then they start to irritate and spoil the mood. If you are inclined to this choice, pick up those shades of red like cherry, coral, tomato – they contribute to the excitation of appetite. Blue is well suited for kitchens, because it has a cooling effect.
Green, according to psychologists, a good effect on the digestive system. Especially nice salad or pistachio shades. Very often kitchens Wallpaper in pastel shades of pale blue, the color of red copper or yellow gloss. White is a universal color, which is great almost in any case.
Don't buy kitchen Wallpaper black or brown, as they suppress the appetite. In addition, many people these shades are associated with dirt that is not allowed in the kitchen.
Note the color and design of kitchen furniture choosing the Wallpaper. As a rule, traditionally, to choose kitchen furniture made of dark wood, in this case, suitable beige, peach or white walls. More modern kitchen items with glass and metal detailing will look great with red Wallpaper and frosted glass with stylish colors of "mahogany" or "wenge".