You will need
  • usb flash card
Check the appearance and equipment. Ask them to unpack your laptop atthe lack. All components must be in separate containers, the integrity of which should not be disturbed. It is ina sign that the laptop had not been used, at least as a fair sample. This is very important because buying a laptop with Windows not very desirable.
How to check the notebook <b></b> <em>purchase</em>
Bring in the flash card or disk on which atatstoy movie or rollers heavy HD or FullHD and video player. Run these videos and rate the playback quality. So you not only check matrix of the laptop, but will inabout to assess the characteristics of "iron", because slow computers hard to pull data formats.
Check the battery performance. Insert it and turn on the laptop without the AC charger.
How to check the notebook <b></b> <em>purchase</em>
Check out all of the USB ports. To do this, in each of them insert a mouse or flash card. If you have time, you should check out the video. On laptopx withatstoy VGA and HDMI outputs. Connect the laptop to the monitor with the help of both channels.
How to check the notebook <b></b> <em>purchase</em>
Check out the web-camera. To do this, run the standard program, or install another of your choice. You can use Skype. Take a picture with web-camera. It should not be blurry or fuzzy.
How to check the notebook <b></b> <em>purchase</em>