Blankets and pillows

Swan's down is very high quality PU material, which is widely used in sewing of blankets and pillows. It has many advantages, but in order to keep them as long as you can properly take care of such products.

Besides the fact that they need to be aired in the open air once every few months, periodically, to wash them, but do it better by hand or in the washing machine in the delicate washing. Dry the blanket of the Swan's down is important in wet, until it is completely dry. Do not twist or wring, so if you plan to wash it in the machine-the machine, select the mode without the rinse and spin cycle.

Pillows filled with Swan's down, and they require very special care. They are perfectly treatable in the washing machine, which also is put in the delicate washing. Acceptable water temperature to forty degrees. In the process, you cannot use cleaning products and bleach, which are composed of chlorine. Dry the pillow of Swan down easily. First, it can be done in the same machine, then the product will become dry. For final drying, the pillow should be put on a flat surface and wait until it is completely freed from moisture.


Down jackets, filled with Swan's down, should be washed with a special detergent, not dishwashing detergent or soap. The fact that they are very difficult to fully rinse out. Specialized tools can be found on the market. Should also buy tennis balls, which are covered with a soft cloth. Before washing down jacket, you need to turn inside out, close all pockets and zips, neatly rolled up and put in the machine. By the way, to wash down jacket better without the extra stuff, as it should be able to slide in the barrel. After the down jacket need to put three tennis balls that will break the cluster down. Water temperature when washing should not exceed thirty degrees. The procedure of rinsing is better to repeat several times so you'll never left soap streaks. Also follow the intensity of squeezing, it should not exceed 600 rpm.

To down jacket high quality and properly dried out, you must hang it on a hanger that he hung freely and smoothly. Let it dried in the fresh air, but not on the battery. In the drying process, you can send down a few times in the washing machine to spin cycle, you also need tennis balls.

In the process of washing down jackets, you cannot use the rinses, tint and bleaching preparations, dry and not the shoulders and blow dry it for three days. Thanks to the advice of the jacket after washing it will look like new.